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  • Straight neoprene design with unique laminate construction
    orfor body-conforming cushioning effect

  • Easy to attach with your choice of two connector styles

  • Fully adjustable

  • Made in the USA

Neotech’s Jammin' Strap™ offers an improved construction that makes for an entirely new feel in a comfort-stretch strap. This new system utilizes a laminated construction of neoprene layers, elastic reinforcement and a high-tech anti-microbial comfort foam. These combined features conform to the body and create a unique cushioning feel.

There is a choice of two attachment systems; Standard Connector is made of thick top-grade leather for a long-lasting, secure fit, the Speed-Lock™, or the new Cam-Lock™ Connector. The Speed-Lock™ connection system allows musicians to attach and detach their strap quickly and easily. One end of the connector remains attached to the instrument’s strap pins so that the strap can be quickly snapped into place for a performance or easily removed for storage. As additional Speed-Lock™ connectors are sold separately as part of our Accessory Series, a single strap can be used on more than one instrument.

Whether you’re jamming with friends or performing for crowds, Jammin' Strap™ is sure to please!

Approximate Sizes

  • Regular: 38" - 47"