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NEOTECH Super Strap

NEOTECH Super Strap

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  • Tailored neoprene pad with internal control-stretch design

  • Easy to attach

  • Very strong and durable

  • Made in the USA

The unique internal control-stretch system used in these straps offers weight reduction comfort unmatched by any other strap. It effectively disperses the weight while absorbing the shock of your movements. The Super Ax Strap™ and Super Bass Strap™ both use top grade leather attachments for a secure hold. The Super Banjo Strap™ uses strong side release buckles which join secure Neo-Loops™ to the main body of the strap. Merely thread the loops through the brackets, pass the side release buckles through the opening and reattach to the main strap. This creates a secure hold which is a snap to attach!

Approximate Sizes

  • Super Ax Strap™: 42" - 53"